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How to Travel from Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune? 


Pune is one of the quickest developing urban areas in India. It has a great deal of instructive establishments and flaunts an assortment of structural locales which draws in a ton of groups each year. On the off chance that you are heading out to Mumbai, we will suggest you visit Pune too. To cover from Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune distance, it requires about somewhere around 3 hours 30 minutes, the most brief separation from Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune via vehicle is around 156 km. In case you are making a trip to Mumbai Airport (air terminal) with an expectation to visit Pune, then, at that point, we will prescribe you to settle on Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune taxi administrations. The most limited course to Pune will be either from Bengaluru - Mumbai thruway or Mumbai-Pune parkway. There are different choices also to go to Pune, for example, by transport or train. Notwithstanding, Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune vehicle rental is the quickest choice, and you can even book a Pune to Mumbai Airport (air terminal)Drop taxi on you way back

Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune Cab/Taxi Fare


To book a One-way Taxi from Mumbai Airport To Pune, it will approximately cost you anywhere between ₹ 2000 to ₹ 4000. Use this link to explore our detailed Mumbai Airport To Pune taxi/cab fares.

Type of Taxi



One Way Mumbai Airport To Pune Airport Cab Fare

AC Hatchback Taxi 



Starts from ₹ 1,315

AC Sedan Taxi



Starts from ₹ 1,315

AC SUV Large taxi 



Starts from ₹ 2,025

AC Minivan Taxi 



Starts from ₹ 2,265

AC MPV Taxi 



Starts from ₹ 2,425

Luxury Taxi Cab 



Starts from ₹ 4,265

Full-Size Van



Starts from ₹ 3,745



Mumbai Airport (air terminal) - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport 


Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is perhaps the most active Airport (air terminal) India. It has two traveler terminals, i.e., Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Wherein Terminal 1 is utilized as both, Mumbai Airport (air terminal) takeoffs and Mumbai Airport (air terminal) appearances for the homegrown flights and Terminal 2 is devoted for International flights. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport has situated a good ways off of 7 kilometers from Mumbai downtown area. There are different Mumbai Airport (air terminal) taxi administrations accessible for you to look over in the event that you have chosen to take your ahead venture by a taxi. Borivali Bus Stand is found 20 km from the Airport (air terminal) and is the closest transport remain to Mumbai Airport (air terminal). There are a couple of eateries in both the terminals of the Airport (air terminal). Mumbai Airport (air terminal) taxicabs are accessible external the terminal structure at the taxi lines. 


Mumbai Pune Taxis Recommendations in Pune 


Pune has a ton of structural locales worth visiting, for example, Sinhagad fortification, Aga Khan Palace, and Lal Mahal. Assuming you like to investigate the historical centers, you visit renowned exhibition halls in Pune like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, Mahatma Phule Museum, and the Pune Tribal Museum. To partake in this load of spots, and try not to drive in the rush hour gridlock you may look inside the city; it's smarter to you go for taxi specialist co-op offering rent vehicle with driver. 


Why Choose Mumbai Pune Taxis for Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune taxi administration? 


  • Here's the reason: from Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune taxis presented by Mumbai Pune Taxis is the most ideal choice. 
  • Solid get and drop: Being on time is the foundation of Mumbai Pune Taxis taxis. They esteem your time and cash and guarantee that you never miss on your flights. 
  • Obliging drivers: Mumbai Pune Taxis drivers are expertly prepared, they will hang tight for you at the Airport (air terminal) with your name notice and escort you respectfully to your taxi. 
  • Prepaid booking of their taxis will guarantee you bother free travel. Pune Airport (air terminal) is one of the closest air terminals to Pune; you can likewise book a ride to here for your ahead venture assuming any. 
  • Numerous vehicle choices: You have the choice to browse a variety of taxis presented by Mumbai Pune Taxis's taxi administration from Mumbai Airport to Pune. 
  • Nature of administration: There's a motivation behind why Mumbai Pune Taxis taxis are so well known among their benefactors, and that is a direct result of their nature of administration. 
  • Regardless of whether you wanted a taxi for a little excursion or a lengthy drive, Mumbai Pune Taxis is your optimal decision to suit everybody's need.


FAQs:- Mumbai Airport To Pune Cab/Taxi


  • What is the Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune taxi toll? 


The Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune taxi charge begins from ₹ 3423 


  • What is the Airport (air terminal) cost charge and is it remembered for the taxi passage? 


The cost charges from the Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to the city is ₹ 100 for vehicles. 


  • What is the Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune distance? 


Mumbai Airport (air terminal) to Pune is around 155 Kms. 


  • Where does the Mumbai Pune Taxis Cab show up in the Mumbai International Airport (air terminal)? 


Mumbai Pune Taxis Cab shows up close to Terminal 1 and 2 in the Mumbai International Airport (air terminal). 


  • What choices does the Mumbai International Airport (air terminal) accommodate food, refreshments and shopping? 


There are eateries at both terminals in the Mumbai Airport (air terminal).